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Cultrex BME PathClear™




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Cultrex® BME marked “PathClear” do not have LDEV intact virus or fragments of the virus present as tested for by supersensitive PCR. No virus present means that the researcher’s animals cannot become infected. Rather than passively screening and selecting lots in which the virus is not detected, each lot of PathClear™ BME is manufactured by methods developed by to actively remove LDEV and other pathogens. Having control over the virus removal process assures customers of a continuous supply of pathogen free BME.

In addition to LDEV, PathClear™ BME is tested and cleared of 30 other pathogens and viruses by PCR.

Certificate of Analysis

Cat # Product Name Quantity Selling Price
3430-001-02 Cultrex® BME with phenol red PathClear™ 1 ml   95,5 €
3430-005-02 Cultrex® BME with phenol red PathClear™ 5 ml 247,6 €
3431-001-02 Cultrex® BME Reduced Growth Factor with phenol red PathClear™ 1 ml 95,5 €
3431-005-02 Cultrex® BME Reduced Growth Factor with phenol red PathClear™ 5 ml 281,4 €
3432-001-02 Cultrex® BME without phenol red PathClear™ 1 ml 95,5 €
3432-005-02 Cultrex® BME without phenol red PathClear™ 5 ml 247,6 €
3433-001-02 Cultrex® BME Reduced Growth Factor without phenol red PathClear™ 1 ml 95,5 €
3433-005-02 Cultrex® BME Reduced Growth Factor without phenol red PathClear™ 5 ml 281,4 €
3444-005-02 Cultrex® High Protein Concentration BME PathClear™ 5 ml 304,8 €
3460-024-K CultreCoat® BME Coated Cell Invasion Assay 2 plates 563,5 €


3471-096-K Cultrex® In Vitro Angiogenesis Assay Endothelial Cell Invasion Kit  

400 €

Cultrex® endothelial cell invasion kit accelerates the screening process for compounds that influence vascular endothelial cell digestion through and migration across the extracellular basement membrane. This kit offers a flexible, standardized, high-throughput format for quantitating the degree to which endothelial cells penetrate a barrier of basement membrane extract (BME), in vitro, in response to chemoattractants and/or inhibiting compounds. This assay utilizes a Boyden chamber with a BME coated 8 micron polyethylene terephthalate (PET) membrane. Sulfuraphane, a naturally occurring chemopreventive agent, is provided as a control for inhibition of in vitro endothelial cell migration/invasion on/through the basement membrane. Detection of cell invasion is quantified using Calcien AM.



3400-010-02                                 Cultrex® Laminin I (Mouse) PathClear®                                                                             172 €

Laminin is an extracellular matrix protein which contains a number of functional domains that allow it to assemble into sheets. Trevigen's mouse laminin is purified from EHS sarcoma.

The PathClear
® designation means that in addition to standard sterility, endotoxin and MAP testing, the Laminin is tested by PCR and is clear of 31 pathogens and viruses, including LDEV. Each lot is rigorously qualified in biological performance assays.


Pathogen Free Laminin - Tested and cleared of 31 pathogens and viruses including LDEV as well as bacteria and mycoplasma.



·  Cell adhesion

·  Cell outgrowth

·  Cell to cell interaction



Mouse laminin is provided sterile in DMEM medium with 10 µg/ml gentamycin sulfate, at a concentration of 1 mg/ml.


Performance Testing:

Trevigen's mouse laminin is tested for activity in a neurite outgrowth assay.



Purified from murine EHS sarcoma.



Store at -80°C in a manual defrost freezer. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.



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