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# BFU05L .......... Bradford ULTRA (500ml)

 # BFU05L .......... Bradford ULTRA (500ml)

This is simply a reagent for use in the Bradford Assay for the determination of protein concentration.  The Bradford Assay is much loved because of its simplicity and speed.  However, conventional Bradford Assay solutions become terribly inaccurate and irreproducible in the presence of detergents, etc. which lead to people using more convoluted, time consuming and expensive assays.  BradfordUltra does not suffer from these problems, providing a quick and elegant solution to the problem.

500ml of a detergent compatible Coomassie based protein quantitation stain. 311,00 € per kit.

Manual (PDF)



# ISB1L .......... INSTANT BLUE (1L)

InstantBlue is a truly single step protein gel stain that provides results in 15 minutes.  Simply take the gel from the electrophoresis cassette and place in InstantBlue.  Results will be visible within 15 minutes on a transparent background.  There is no need to wash, fix, microwave or de-stain gels when using InstantBlue.  In addition, InstantBlue is non-toxic and easy to dispose of.  InstantBlue will not overstain gels, even if left overnight, resulting in consitent staining, really useful if you are looking at band density to estimate amount of protein.

1 litre of ultra fast coomassie based protein stain for gelelectrophoresis 138,00 € per kit.

Manual (PDF)


# STP .......... STABIL-PAC

NVoy Polymer technology masks hydrophobic patches on protein surfaces and presents a hydrophillic carbohydrate to the solvent.  The masking of these hydrophobic patches will help prevent aggregation of proteins, non-specific binding (to each other, contaminants or other surfaces), increase the concentration that the protein can be worked with, stabilise proteins for storage (or other apps. Like NMR).  The properties are similar to detergents, and NVoy has been used to replace detergents in a number of cases, but unlike detergents, NVoy is very easy to remove.  NVoy also has a Mw of 5kDa (~18kDa hydrodynamic radius) and will therefore not access the structure of the protein.

Our Starter kit for incorporating NVoy technology to protect and stabilise proteins during purification, analysis and crystallisation. Capacity: approximately 12mg protein. 382,00 € per kit.

Manual (PDF)



Incorporating NVoy technology to protect and stabilise proteins during purification, analysis and crystallisation. 4X more reagent than Stabil PAC. Capacity: approximately 48mg protein. 1006,00 € per kit.

Manual (PDF)


# NPP .......... NV POLYMER PACK

5 grams of NV polymer plus release agent. Capacity: approximately 1000mg protein. 5920,00 € per kit.

Manual (PDF)


# RSK .......... REFOLD SK

These contain NVoy Polymer technology.  It has been shown on a large number of occasions that the single step protocol provided with our Refold Kits will perform as well, if not better, than an optimized refolding protocol.  However, this cannot be guaranteed!!  One clear application is to use this one-condition protocol to firstly evaluate the refold-ability of a protein.  If the results are promising, then it would be worth committing protein to the more extensive, sparse matrix screening approach to see if the initial result can be optimized on.

Our starter protein refolding kit uses one formulation of our proprietary reagents, NV10, designed to work on the widest possible range of proteins. Capacity: approximately 5mg protein. 460,00 € per kit.


# RM20 .......... REFOLD MASTER

The Refold Master has been designed for superior performance and to handle more protein than our starter kit. Capacity: 20mg protein. 1240,00 € per kit.



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