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NucleoTip™ is a pipette tip that contains reaction-sized amounts of radionucleotides in a highly visible yet solution-free form. An anion exchange film, which coats the inner wall of the tip, reversibly immobilizes and protects the labeled nucleotides until ready for use. NucleoTip™ is a novel carrier and delivery system in a convenient solution-free format. Reaction-sized aliquots of radionucleotide are pre-loaded into a pipette tip and reversibly immobilized on to the interior wall for elution directly into a reaction mixture. The risk of spillage is minimized and the highly visible dye aids handling.

§ Safer: minimizes liquid handling and risk of spillage

§ Ready to use: elute activity for your reaction directly into your buffer

§ Easy record keeping: reaction-sized aliquots supplied with an activity calculator make record keeping easy and accurate— even with multiple users

§ High performance: equivalent results to liquid systems


The packaging has been specifically designed to provide optimum safety and convenience. It achieves this by providing full secondary containment during shipment and, consequently, a secure container in the laboratory. Due to the physical nature of the product, the risk of spillage prior to use is significantly reduced. 32P-Nucleotide immobilized into plastic pipette tips in a custom designed container. Twist the outer lid to remove and use the tip as required. As the product is supplied in a dry format, no splashguard protection is required.


The tips may be stored at ambient temperature. If you store the tips at +4 °C in a refrigerator, once opened avoid condensation build up by removing the container from the refrigerator and leaving at room temperature for a short period before use.


NucleoTipä is a plastic pipette tip, which contains radiolabeled nucleotide in a reversible, immobilized form. The inner wall of the plastic is coated with a weak anion exchange film, which will immobilize and protect the labeled nucleotides in a dry solid form or until ready for use.

Recommended protocol for use

§ Pipette 10 μl of concentrated buffer into the tip. Hold for 5 seconds and release into the reaction.

§ Repeat twice with mixed components.

§ Elution is complete. Rinse with water if required.

Considerations for use

§ The volume required for optimal elution is 10 μl of concentrated buffer, as this corresponds to the coated area of the tip interior.

§ The best reagent for elution is concentrated reaction buffer due to the ion exchange mechanism that releases the nucleotide from the inner surface. Many buffers typically used in labeling applications are suitable.

§ If water is required to achieve the total desired volume, this may be added with the spent tip.


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