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Plasmid DNA Extraction




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Viogene® Mini PlusTM Plasmid DNA Extraction System

Viogene introduces a new experience of plasmid DNA miniprep extraction kit. Viogene® Mini PlusTM plasmid DNA extraction kit is performed with a new improved membrane system; providing surprisingly high yields (up to 40 µg) of high-quality plasmid DNA suitable for most of downstream applications.
PlusTM is superior to current alternative kits due to

1.  Higher plasmid DNA yield.
PlusTM provides plasmid DNA yield of up to 40 µg, up to double 20 µg plasmid DNA yield of Mini-M®

2.  More yield stability.
PlusTM presents more consistent results than Mini-M® or similar kits on the market.

3.  Provided RNase A is more easy to use.
More stable RNase A is provided in a larger volume format than before for enhanced user-friendlieness.


Viogene® Midi PlusTM and Maxi PlusTM Ultrapure Plasmid DNA Extraction System

Viogene brings new ultrapure plasmid DNA midi- and maxiprep extraction to your lab bench.  With the enhanced buffer and column system, Viogene® Midi PlusTM and Maxi PlusTM Ultrapure plasmid extraction kit provide higher plasmid DNA yielding with a surprisingly high quality, suitable for most downstream applications.

PlusTM and Maxi PlusTM are better than the original version because….

1. Higher relative flow rate
PlusTM and Maxi PlusTM allows higher flow rate of the column, reducing procedure time.

2. Easier than ever to use
The new buffer system and new protocol have been simplified for user friendliness.

3. Enhanced consistency
PlusTM and Maxi PlusTM presents more consistent quality and results comparing to the original version.


Viogene® Gel AdvancedTM Gel Extraction System

With the desire of better product performance, Viogene introduces Gel AdvancedTM Gel Extraction System. New column system and buffer composition effectively increase DNA fragment recovery rate from agarose gel slices.

1. Increased DNA binding capacity
With new membrane technology, Gel
AdvancedTM Gel Extraction System has increased binding capacity of DNA fragment (100bp-10kb) up to 20ug.

2. Improved DNA fragment recovery rate
AdvancedTM gel extraction system provides a DNA binding system with silica-gel-membrane in chaotropic salts, and the average recovery rate of DNA fragment (100bp-10kb) is up to 60-90% from agrose gel slices.

3. Better DNA purity
The modified of buffer composition in Gel
AdvancedTM Gel Extraction System increases the DNA purity. Improved DNA purity gives our customers more ease with any further applications.


Viogene® PCR AdvancedTM PCR Clean Up System

To bring our customers a better experience of using our product, Viogene is proud of launching PCR AdvancedTM PCR Clean Up System. With strict testing in laboratory, the modified column system and buffer composition give higher DNA fragment recovery than ever before.

1. Higher recovery
The new membrane technology of PCR
AdvancedTM system gives up to 90% or above recovery rate of DNA fragments (100bp-10kb).

2. Reduced volume of elution step
The minimum requirement for elution volume is reduced from 30ul to 15ul. It gives more flexibility to our customers in the control of final concentration if required by further applications.

3.Stable performance
AdvancedTM shows the most consistent product performance comparing with original PCR-MTM and most similar kits on the market.

Viogene® Gel/PCR DNA isolation system


From only one kit, you can isolate DNA fragments from agarose gels or from PCR product mixture. The recovery of the DNA fragments is just slightly less than the specialized extraction system.



Ordering information





Mini PlusTM

GF2001/ GF2002

50 / 250 preps

Midi PlusTM

GDV2001 / GDV2002

25 / 50 preps

Maxi PlusTM

GMV2001 / GMV2002

10 / 25 preps

Gel AdvancedTM


50 / 250 preps

PCR AdvancedTM


50 / 250 preps

Gel/PCR DNA isolation system


50 / 250 preps



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