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RNA and cDNA Blots

Northern analysis remains a standard method for detection and quantitation of mRNA levels. Cybrdi is striving to provide the highest quality product available starting with the collection of human tissue and continuing throughout the manufacturing process. We use a modified guanidium thiocybanate method to purify total RNA from snap frozen tissue to ensure the highest quality. We use oligo (dT) magnetic beads to isolate poly (A) RNA from intact total RNA. These RNA can be used for Northern blot analysis, cDNA synthesis and RT-PCR analysis, etc.

  • Normal Human cDNA from 24 different tissues, 20 reactions/vial
  • Normal Human mRNA from 24 different tissues, 5ug/vial
  • Normal Human total RNA from 24 different tissues, 250ug/vial
    Normal Human cDNA from 24 different tissues, 20 reactions/vial
    Catalog # Tissue Source
    HCDNA-01 Brain
    HCDNA-02 Colon
    HCDNA-03 Duodenum
    HCDNA-04 Esophagus
    HCDNA-05 Heart
    HCDNA-06 Kidney
    HCDNA-07 Liver
    HCDNA-08 Lung
    HCDNA-09 Pancreas
    HCDNA-10 PBL
    HCDNA-11 Placenta
    HCDNA-12 Prostate
    HCDNA-13 Rectum
    HCDNA-14 Salivary Gland
    HCDNA-15 Skeletal Muscle
    HCDNA-16 Skin
    HCDNA-17 Small Intestine
    HCDNA-18 Spleen
    HCDNA-19 Stomach
    HCDNA-20 Testis
    HCDNA-21 Thymus
    HCDNA-22 Thyroid
    HCDNA-23 Urinary Bladder
    HCDNA-24 Uterus
    Normal Human mRNA from 24 different tissues, 5ug/vial
    Catalog # Tissue Source
    HMR-01 Brain
    HMR-02 Colon
    HMR-03 Duodenum
    HMR-04 Esophagus
    HMR-05 Heart
    HMR-06 Kidney
    HMR-07 Liver
    HMR-08 Lung
    HMR-09 Pancreas
    HMR-10 PBL
    HMR-11 Placenta
    HMR-12 Prostate
    HMR-13 Rectum
    HMR-14 Salivary Gland
    HMR-15 Skeletal Muscle
    HMR-16 Skin
    HMR-17 Small Intestine
    HMR-18 Spleen
    HMR-19 Stomach
    HMR-20 Testis
    HMR-21 Thymus
    HMR-22 Thyroid
    HMR-23 Urinary Bladder
    HMR-24 Uterus
    Normal Human total RNA from 24 different tissues, 250ug/vial
    Catalog # Tissue Source
    HTR-01 Brain
    HTR-02 Colon
    HTR-03 Duodenum
    HTR-04 Esophagus
    HTR-05 Heart
    HTR-06 Kidney
    HTR-07 Liver
    HTR-08 Lung
    HTR-09 Pancreas
    HTR-10 PBL
    HTR-11 Placenta
    HTR-12 Prostate
    HTR-13 Rectum
    HTR-14 Salivary Gland
    HTR-15 Skeletal Muscle
    HTR-16 Skin
    HTR-17 Small Intestine
    HTR-18 Spleen
    HTR-19 Stomach
    HTR-20 Testis
    HTR-21 Thymus
    HTR-22 Thyroid
    HTR-23 Urinary Bladder
    HTR-24 Uterus

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