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Test Kits




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fax01 43 25 01 60

9, rue Lagrange

75005 Paris


tel 02 36 00 65 93

fax 02 36 00 65 94

20135 Milano


tel +32 1658 9045

fax +32 1650 9045


Tel 058 710 33 44

Fax 00 32 16 50 90 45

ul. Grunwaldzka 88A/2

81-771 Sopot


tel +81 78 386 0860

fax +81 78 306 0296


Chuo-ku, Kobe



Canada Montreal

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0032 (0)16 41 44 07







Molecular Biology Services  

      DNA (Oligo) / Primer Synthesis Services

      DNA Sequencing Services

      Protein Sequencing Services

      Microarray Synthesis Services


Molecular Biology Equipment

      Thermal Cyclers

      Temperature Acquisition System TAS16

      Electrophoresis Horizontal Devices

      Electrophoresis Vertical Devices

      Electroblotting Devices

      Power Supplies



      Spin Concentrators

      Shaker Oven

      Hybridization Ovens

      Laboratry Oven

Benchtop Equipment


      Vortex Mixer

      Digital Heating and Chilling Plates

      Digital Dry Heaters

      Hotplates and Stirrers

      Benchtop Shakers

      Chilling Incubators

      Electroporation Cuvettes




      Molecular Weight Markers

      Electrophoresis Reagents

      Precast PAGE Gels

      Agarose Products


      Ethidium Bromide Products

      Productivity Enhancers

Pipette Tips

      Barrier Tips

      Normal Pipette Tips

      ESP Tip Reloading System

      Specialty Tips

      Gel Loading Tips

      Robotic Tips


      PCR Tubes

      Microcentrifuge Tubes

      Mini-Tube System

      Cryotubes and Vials

      15ml and 50ml Centrifuge Tubes

      Tube Tag Lables


      Aspiration Pipette

      Electronic Pipettors

      Single Channel Pipettors

      Multi Channel Pipettors

      Electronic Repeat Pipettor


      Repeat Pipettor

      Pipette Filler and Pipetting Aid

      Serological Pipettes

      Disposable Transfer Pipettes


      PCR Workstation

      Benchtop Coolers

      Cryovials and Microtube Racks

      MultiTube Racks

      4-way Flipper Racks

      0.2ml PCR Tube Rack

      80-well Fraction Collection Rack

      96-well Flipper Rack

      64-well Flipper Rack

      81-well Freezer Rack

      100-cell Hinged Box

      Cardboard Boxes

      Boxes for 15 and 50ml Tubes

      Cryogenic Storage

      Acrylic Storage Units

      Stainless Steel Storage Units

      Laboratory Dispensers


      Nitrile Gloves

      Latex Gloves

      Radiation Safety

      Biohazard Waste Management




o       Pregnancy Test Strip

o       Pregnancy Test Card

o       Pregnancy Combo Test Card (Test in serum or urine)

o       Pregnancy Test Color Card

o       Pregnancy Test Midstream

o       FSH Test Strip

o       FSH Test Card

o       FSH Test Midstream

o       Ovulation Test Strip

o       Ovulation Test Card

o       Ovulation Test Midstream

      Infectious Disease

o       HBsAg Test Strip

o       HBsAg Test Strip    (Test in Whole Blood)

o       HBsAg Test Card

o       HBsAg Test Card    (Test in Whole Blood)

o       HBsAb Test Strip

o       HBsAb Test Card

o       HBeAg Test Stirp

o       HBeAg Test Card

o       HBeAb Test Strip

o       HBeAb Test Card

o       HBcAb Test Strip

o       HBcAb Test Card

o       HBV Multi-5 Test Panel

o       HCV Test Strip

o       Anti-HCV Test Card

o       MT-HCV Test Kit

o       TB Test Card

o       Chlamydia Test Card

o       Helicobacter pylori Test Card

o       Strep A Test Card

o       Malaria Pf/Pv Cassettes

o       Dengue IgG/IgM Cassette

      Tumor and Cardiac Markers

o       AFP Test Strip

o       AFP Test Card

o       FOB Test Strip

o       FOB Test Card

o       CEA Test Strip

o       CEA Test Card

o       PSA Test Strip

o       PSA Test Card

o       Troponin I Test Cassette

      Sexually Transmissible Diseases

o       Syphilis Test Strip

o       Syphilis Test Card

o       Anti-HIV Test Serum Cassette

o       Anti-HIV Test Whole Blood Cassette

o       HIV tri-line Cassette

o       Gonorrhea Test Strip

o       Gonorrhea Test Card

      Drug of Abuse

o       Alcohol Test Strip

o       COC Cocaine Test Strip

o       COC Cocaine Test Card

o       MOR Morphine Test Strip

o       MOR Morphine Test Card

o       AMP Test Strip

o       AMP Test Cassette

o       MET Test Strip

o       MET Test Cassette

o       THC Test Strip

o       THC Test Cassette

o       BZO Test Strip

o       BZO Test Cassette

o       10-Drug Combination Test

o       5-Drug Combination Test

o       4-Drug Combination Test

o       3-Drug Combination Test

o       2-Drug Combination Test

      Urine Reagent Strips and Reader

o       Urine Strip (1 parameters)

o       Urine Strip (2 parameters)

o       Urine Strip(3 parameters)

o       Urine Strip (5 parameters)

o       Urine Strip(10 parameters)

o       Urine Reader

      Bird Flu Virus Detection

o       Bird Flu One Step

o       Bird Flu ELISA

      Blood Glucose

o       Test Strip

o       Monitor


o       HBsAg Test Kit

o       HCV Test Kit

o       HIV Test Kit

o       Syphilis Test Kit

o       HAV IgM /IgG

o       HBV

o       HBV

o       HBsAg

o       HBsAg

o       HBsAb

o       HBeAg

o       HBeAb

o       HBcAb

o       HbcAb IgM

o       HCV

o       HIV1/2

o       HEV IgG

o       HEV IgM

o       CMV IgG

o       CMV IgM

o       Toxo IgG

o       Toxo IgM

o       Rubella IgG

o       Rubella IgM

o       HSV1 IgG

o       HSV1 IgM

o       HSV2 IgG

o       HSV2 IgM

o       EHFV IgM

o       CVB IgM

o       GNH Ag

o       TB IgG

o       Chlamydia IgG

o       Chlamydia IgM

o       AFP

o       Syphilis

o       Gonorrhoea

o       Mycoplasma

o       T3,T4

o       THS

o       Anti-TPG IgG

o       Anti-TPG IgM

o       Anti-TG IgM

o       Anti-RV IgM

o       Anti-SP IgM

o       Anti-SP IgG

o       Anti-EM IgG

o       Anti-EM IgM

o       Anti-ACL IgM

o       Anti-ACL IgG

o       Anti-ZP IgG

o       Anti-MP IgG

o       Anti-MP IgM

o       Anti-Cpn IgG




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