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Easy-to-use Apoptosis Kits

Tired of relying on semi-quantitative Western blots to measure markers of apoptosis?  Assay Designs™ offers a variety of easy-to-use ELISA kits to quantify apoptotic factors including Bax, Bcl-2, cytochrome c, caspase-3, survivin, and more.  Save time and get more accurate results with these ELISA Kits. 
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4 New Kits from Assay Designs


Creatinine Colorimetric Detection Kit

Simplify the normalization of biomarkers in urine samples to creatinine using this easy-to-use kit.  The kit includes a ready-to-use single-step detection reagent that is safer and works faster than protocols requiring mixing of volatile reagents.      

Formaldehyde Fluorometric Detection Kit

This sensitive and easy-to-use homogeneous assay is the first of its kind for the detection of formaldehyde in urine or culture supernatant samples. This kit is ideal for researchers investigating the increased incidence of brain cancer and myeloid leukemia associated with environmental exposure to formaldehyde. 

p16-Ink4a (human) ELISA Kit (US Customers Only)

Efficiently quantify expression of this critical cell cycle regulatory protein in cell lysate samples.  Save time and improve your results with this sensitive kit that detects as little as 2.3 pg/mL of human p16-Ink4a in up to 41 duplicate samples in just 4 hours.

Hsp70 High Sensitivity ELISA Kit

This ready-to-use ELISA kit for the measurement of inducible
Hsp70 (Hsp72) is the only product commercially available validated for the measurement of circulating Hsp70 in serum and plasma.

New Stressgen® Reagents for Cellular Stress & Signaling


Assay Designs is a leader in providing kits, antibodies, and proteins for the detection and study of key mediators of cellular stress, including Stressgen brand antibodies for heat shock proteins and markers of oxidative stress. 

Click here to view our newest antibodies, proteins, and control reagents for markers of cellular stress including Hsps, SOD, NOS, HO-1, and more.

Request Literature

Request a complimentary copy of these two valuable new reference pieces, including our updated Heat Shock Proteins and the Cellular Stress Response reference guide and our new Disease Topics and Reviews Collection.  These guides are packed with valuable reference information, including reviews written by experts in the fields of molecular chaperones, cancer biology, neurodegenerative disease, gene regulation, and more.

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