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As the world of scientific research evolves there is a growing need for flexible, intuitive solutions that enable scientists to collect data from many different sources. EZQuant-ELN provides a life science-oriented, cost-effective solution that optimizes and centralizes research, making cumbersome, illegible paper lab notebooks a thing of the past.

EZQuant-ELN, designed by biologists, meets the needs of today's researchers with its easy-to-use, flexible and intuitive Electronic Laboratory Notebook platform. Affordable and resourceful, EZQuant's ELN provides practical scientific research tools and aids. Fully compliant with the FDA 21CFR11 requirements for Hybrid Systems, this is the software that will make your research organized and EZ.

Simple implementation and use.
Don't waste valuable research time learning new complicated software programs. EZQuant-ELN's simple work procedures mean that within a very short time you can be up and running. The intuitive tools focus on exactly what researchers need to streamline and optimize the working process.

Compiling data is EZ!
EZQuant-ELN enables you to combine text, images and tables on an electronic data sheet. You can add text and drawings to any image with the unique EZBoard feature. Add notes and hyperlinks. Put images wherever you think they need to be. Create multi-formatted pages from a variety of data sources.

Everyone in the lab can use it.
EZQuant-ELN's affordable license costs mean everyone in the lab or department can afford to buy it. Our low price means that all researchers can use the latest technology to optimize their research.

Use all the data available.
EZQuant-ELN makes finding important data EZ with its powerful search engine feature. This means that you can easily find and refer to ALL data and not just what you can find manually. This makes sharing data in the lab convenient increases research productivity and minimizes data loss.

EZQuant-ELN offers:

  • Flexible electronic data sheet
  • Powerful search engine
  • Secure password protected files
  • 21CFR part11 compliance for Hybrid Systems
  • Built-in Protocol data base
  • Important research aids: tables, codes and more
  • Scientific calculators
  • Calendar and task manager
  • Ongoing professional support


EZQuant-ELN first license 499 €
first 3 licenses 440 €
  licenses 4-8 408 €
licenses 9 and above 362 €



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