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0032 (0)16 41 44 07






Restriction Enzymes Introduction List of Isozymes List of Restriction Enzymes Reaction Buffer Diluent Buffer UniSol RE Buffer

Modifying Enzymes T4 DNA Ligase T4 Polynucleotide Kinase DNA Polymerase I Klenow Fragment T7 RNA Polymerase M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase AMV Reverse Transcriptase Alkaline Phosphatase Terminal Transferase  

DNase I RNase A  

Human Placental RNase Inhibitor  

Other Enzymes & Proteins
Proteinase K Lysozyme Agarase Uracil DNA Glycosylase Nuclease Free BSA  

Products for PCR Introduction on GeNei range of Taq DNA Polymerase Selection Guide : Products for PCR/RT PCR and Post PCR Taq DNA Polymerase Taq DNA Polymerase Buffers PCR Master Mix Kit (2X) DNA Amplification Reagent Kit PCR Optimizing Kit Red Taq DNA Polymerase Red Dye PCR Master Mix Kit (2X) HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase HotStart PCR Master Mix Effi-Taq PR Polymerase XT5 PCR System Long PCR 5 kb Ampli Kit XT20 PCR System Long PCR 20 kb Ampli Kit MAGIC Amplification Solution (2.5X) MAGIC Amplification Kits GeneiPureTM Quick PCR Purification Kit RAPD Primer Set AFLP Primer Set for Small Genomes AFLP Primer Set for Large Genomes PCR KlenZolTM dNTP Solution Mineral Oil  

Products for RT-PCR
AMV Reverse Transcriptase M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase AMV RT-PCR Kit M-MuLV RT PCR Kit One Step RT-PCR Kits cDNAdirectTM Kit Ready to use RT PCR Primers RNase H  

Cloning and Expression
Vector-pGSC Series pUC18 & pUC19 pBR322 M13 Vectors pACYC184 DNA Expression Vectors Lambda DNA Řx174 (Double Stranded) DNA Lambda DNA, Non-methylated (dam- dcm-) Instant Cloning Kit Instant Ligation Kit T4 DNA Ligase Buffer Set for Ligation Test DNA for Ligation Competent Cells Preparation Kit (A) Competent Cells Preparation Kit (B) DNA Sequencing Primers  

Genomic DNA B.subtilis Genomic DNA E.coli Genomic DNA Human Genomic DNA (from Blood cells) Yeast Genomic DNA Calf Thymus DNA  

Bacterial Strains E.coli Strains C600 HB101 LE392 KW251 JM101 JM109 E.coli GJ1158 (Salt inducible expression strains)  

Mutagenesis & Labelling Kit InSitu PCR-Based Site Directed Mutagenesis Kit DNA Labelling Kit (by Nick Translation) Random Primer Labelling Kit DNA End - Labelling Kit 1  

Kits/Antibodies for Molecular Cell Biology β-Galactosidase Staining Kit (For Cells) β-Galactosidase Staining Kit (For Tissues) β-Galactosidase Antibody Staining Kit Luciferase Antibody Staining Kit Anti-Luciferase Mab Monoclonal Anti-Green Fluoroscent Protein  

Products for Purification and Detection of Recombinant Proteins GST-Fusion Protein Purification Kit His-Tag Fusion Protein Purification Kit Affinity Matrices Probes Monoclonal Anti-Glutathione S-Transferase (GST)  

Nucleic Acid Purification DNA GeneiPureTM DNA Purification Kits-Introduction GeneiPureTM Plasmid Purification Kit GeneiPureTM Bacterial DNA Purification Kit GeneiPureTM Yeast DNA Purification Kit GeneiPureTM Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit GeneiPureTM Mammalian Genomic DNA Purification Kit GeneiPureTM Blood Genomic DNAPurification Kit GeneiPureTM Quick PCR Purification Kit GeneiPureTM Gel Extraction Kit GeNeiUltrapureTM DNA Purification Kits-Introduction GeNeiUltrapureTM Plasmid Mini & Midi Purification Kit GeNeiUltrapureTM Bacterial Genomic DNA Purification Kit GeNeiUltrapureTM Yeast Genomic DNA Purification Kit GeNeiUltrapureTM Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit GeNeiUltrapureTM Cotton Genomic DNA Purification Kit-Leaves GeNeiUltrapureTM Mammalian Genomic DNA Purification Kit-Tissue GeNeiUltrapureTM Blood Genomic DNA Purification Kit PureSolTM Plasmid Isolation Kit UniFlexTM DNA Isolation Kit PCR KlenZolTM Plant DNA Extraction Kit (for PCR Amplification) CTAB Plant DNA(from Leaves) Gel Extraction Kit Whole Blood DNA Extraction Kit (from fresh & frozen blood) DNA Extraction Solution Erythrocyte Lysis Buffer DNA Silver Staining Kit DNA Quantitation Standards  

DNA Diagnosis/Forensic Detection Kits & Reagents Amplification Reagents Set for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) GeneiPureIDTM DNA Isolation Kit -Semen GeneiPureIDTM DNA Isolation Kit-Bone GeneiPureIDTM DNA Isolation Kit-Saliva GeneiPureIDTM DNA Isolation Kit-Nail GeneiPureIDTM DNA Isolation Kit-Hair GeneiPureIDTM DNA Isolation Kit- Dried Blood GeneiPureIDTM DNA Isolation Kit-Combi Pack  

RNA GeneiPureTM Total RNA Isolation Kit-Cells and Tissues GeneiPureTM Total RNA Isolation Kit-Blood GeneiPureTM Total RNA Isolation Kit- Bacteria GeneiPureTM Total RNA Isolation Kit-Yeast GeneiPureTM Total RNA Isolation Kit-Plants GeneiPureTM RNA Purification Kit Express mRNA Puriofication Kit based on Oligo(dT)30 Magnetic Beads mRNA Purification Kit (from Total RNA of eukaryotes) Direct mRNA Purification Kit (from animal cells & tissues) mRNA Purification Kit (for Animal cells & Tissues) RaFlexTM Total RNA Isolation Kit Total RNA Extraction Kit (For Bacteria, Animal Cells & Tissues) Plant RNA Isolation Kit TRIsoln  

Additional Reagents & Kit for RNA Purification RNAIntegraTM Allout RNase solution Oligo (dT)25-Silica Oligo (dT)30 Magnetic Beads Erythrocyte Lysis Buffer Acid Phenol(Protease, DNase, RNase Free) 0.5M EDTA (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) 10X TE (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) Sodium Acetate 3M (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) DNase I (RNase Free) Water (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) RNA Gel Electrophoresis Kit 10X MOPS Buffer, Powder blend (For Electrophoresis) RNA Sample Buffer (For Electrophoresis) 5X RNA Gel Loading Buffer(For Electrophoresis) Tris-Cl 1M (pH 8.0) Saturated Phenol  

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Reagents DNA Ladders, Rulers & Markers-Introduction  
StepUpTM 50bp DNA Ladder 100 bp DNA Ladder StepUpTM 250bp DNA Ladder 500 bp DNA Ladder 1 kb DNA Ladder Supermix DNA Ladder Supercoiled Plasmid DNA Ladder  
10 bp DNA Ruler (for Native PAGE) 20 bp DNA Ruler (for Native PAGE and Agarose gels) Low Range DNA Ruler Low Range DNA Ruler Plus Medium Range DNA Ruler High Range DNA Ruler  
QuantumTM PCR Marker Low Range QuantumTM PCR Marker Medium Range Lambda DNA / EcoR I Digest Lambda DNA / Hind III Digest Lambda DNA / EcoR I / Hind III Double Digest Lambda DNA / Mlu I Digest Lambda DNA / BstE II Digest Lambda / Hind III, pUC18 / Sau3A I - pUC18/Taq I Digest pBR322 DNA / Hinf I Digest pBR322 DNA / Hae III Digest pBR322 DNA / Msp I Digest ŘX174 DNA / Hae III Digest ŘX174 DNA / Hinf I Digest pUC18 / Sau3A I - pUC18 / Taq I Digest pUC19 DNA / Msp I Digest  

Fine Chemicals, Reagents & Buffers IPTG X-Gal DTT (1,4-Dithiothreitol) Cesium Chloride HEPES PIPES Tris-Base Tween-20 Guanidine Hydrochloride Ficoll PMSF CTAB Powder Guanidine Thiocyanate DNase I (RNase Free) Mineral Oil Bacterial Cell Lysis reagent GeNeiTM Erythrocyte Lysis Buffer MAGIC Amplification 8 M Guanidium Hydrochloride Tris-Cl 1M (pH 8.0) Saturated Phenol (Water) Saturated Phenol (Tris-HCl) PCR KlenZolTM RNAIntegraTM AllOut RNase solution 0.5M EDTA (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) 10X TE (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) Sodium Acetate 3M (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) Human Placental RNase inhibitor Oligo-(dT)25 Silica Oligo(dT) Magnetic Beads dNTP Solution Acid Phenol (Protease, DNase, RNase Free) Water (Protease, DNase, RNase Free)  

Products for Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis Nucleic Acid Elpho Reagents 6X Tri Gel Loading Buffer Hybridization Solution for Nucleic Acid Blotting Nucleic Acid Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Kit DNA Sequencing-Gel Kit DNA Silver Staining Kit 10X MOPS Buffer, Powder blend (For Electrophoresis) RNA Sample Buffer (For Electrophoresis) (4 x 1 ml) 5X RNA Gel Loading Buffer(For Electrophoresis) (4 x 0.25 ml)


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