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PML Microbiologicals

      PML Microbiologicals is the premier suppler of prepared media in North America, with customers in diverse markets such as Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Medical and Research Institutions, Universities, Hospitals and Clinics, Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Suppliers, Medical Device Manufacturers, and Veterinarians. Founded in 1969 by Mr. Art Torland, it has become an industry standard in the laboratory industry.

      PML's roots date back to 1959 when Art Torland, a medical technologist, began supplying blood from his own three sheep (named Faith, Hope, and Charity) to the hospital where he was employed as lab supervisor. Mr. Torland's lab, like most labs at that time, made virtually all of its own culture media "in the back room" using glass Petri dishes which were subsequently washed and reused. Because Mr. Torland was the only local source of fresh animal blood, he was soon supplying blood to several other local laboratories. By 1968 he had to resign from his position at the hospital to devote full time to his growing animal blood business.

      In 1969 the opportunity arose to begin supplying prepared culture media to some of the other local laboratories. Art's brother Julian, an experienced production manager, came into the business as a partner, and the two of them built their first manufacturing facility near Portland, Oregon. PML now has two production and four distribution sites in the US and Canada.

      As PML grew, its' product line was also expanding beyond culture media to include virtually all items used by the microbiologist, including the susceptibility testing systems, parasitology products, specialty blood culture systems, reagents, stains and irradiated and terminally sterilized media. Consequently the decision was made to change the company's name from "Prepared Media Laboratory" to "PML Microbiologicals" to more accurately portray the scope of products offered.

      Each PML manufacturing facility has its' own fully equipped quality control testing laboratory staffed by experienced microbiologists. PML adheres to the recommendations of the FDA, NCCLS, US Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia as a basis for the quality control testing of its products' performance. As the only prepared media manufacturer in North America with two ISO registered sites, PML is able to deliver the highest quality product with maximum shelf life.

      From its humble beginnings as a one man operation, PML now employs over 180 people in 4 locations and serves laboratories throughout the world. Now, as in the past, our primary objective is to provide the finest products supported by the most dedicated service to a growing number of laboratories. Our customers are our focus.

      PML’s quality statement has been established to express our intent to become a leader in customer satisfaction.


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