New Printer : BMP 71

The BMP 71 mobile label printer can print on more than 30 different types of label material - all designed with Brady's industrial- strength durability .

Wether you need heat shrink sleeves , die - cut labels or indoor/ outdoor vinyl , you can be confident that the BMP71 printer has the right label material for your application .


Speed up your labelling

The powerful BMP 71 prints faster than any other printer in it's class ( 38 mm / sec ) . Don't wait longer than necessary for your labels .


The full keyboard lets you type label in less time

The BMP 71 has a full keyboard , available in 4 differents versions : QWERTY , AZERTY , QWERTZ and CYRILLIC

Use both your hands to type your label instead of one finger and save time !


The enlarged full colour screen makes your label printing so much easier

The enlarged screen of the BMP 71 enables to see the whole label at once , helping you to compose the label in the most efficient way , eliminating trial and error


One smart printer to print it all


The BMP 71 is your essential tool that handles all your label printing needs


Order Reference                                                                                      Description

BMP71-QWERTY-UK                                                                                 Printer , Hard Carry Case , 2 Label Rolls , 1 Black Ribbon Cartridge,

                                                                                                            Rechargeable Battery Pack , AC Adaptor , USB Communication Cable ,

                                                                                                            TLS2200 / HandiMark Material Roll Adaptor , Quick Start Guide , Product CD , Cleaning Kit


BMP71-QWERTY - EU                                                                                As above with European Power Supply

BMP71-AZERTY - EU                                                                                 As above with AZERTY Keyboard and European Power Supply

BMP71-QWERTZ - EU                                                                                As above with QWERTZ Keyboard and European Power Supply

BMP71-CYRILLIC - EU                                                                               As above with CYRILLIC Keyboard and European Power Supply


M71-AC-EU                                                                                              BMP71 European AC

M71-AC-UK                                                                                              BMP71 UK AC

M71-QC-EU                                                                                              BMP71 European Quick Charger

M71-QC-UK                                                                                              BMP71 UK Quick Charger

M71-HC                                                                                                   BMP71 Hard Carry Case

M71-SC                                                                                                   BMP71 Soft Carry Case

M71-AC-BC                                                                                              BMP71 AC/ Battery Charger

M71-BATT                                                                                               BMP71 Spare Battery

M71-CLEAN                                                                                             BMP71 Cleaning Kit

M71-ADAPT                                                                                             BMP71 Roll Adapter For TLS/ HM