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Our partner : Open Biosystems

our partner, Open Biosystems was founded in 2001 by a team of researchers who believe deeply in the power of science to improve our lives, and yours, too. This conviction, coupled with our strong desire to help our customers succeed, motivates our employees and gives us our unrelenting focus on developing and delivering the best life sciences tools, support and services to our customers available in the industry today.

Our business model, based on a collaborative spirit and focused on the value of product delivery, is inspired by the success of the open source movement in software. Open source has, over the span of just a few years, radically empowered small organizations and individuals by giving them the tools only big companies could previously afford. We aim to speed the progress of research by letting people use our technology in a manner that’s substantially more flexible than that of other tools providers.

Open Biosystems offers products that span Genomics, RNAi and Antibodies.  Building on the rapid sharing model that is at the core of the Human Genome Project, Open Biosystems collaborates with some of the most innovative life science investigators working today.  We partner with them to bring to market new products—they have often pioneered the new resources in their own lab, and we prepare it for widespread use and then provide access to the research community.

Delivery of genetic content is our most recent technological breakthrough.  Recently, we brought to market the Tranz-vector system, the safest human-based lentiviral delivery technology.  Further supplementing our already strong line of RNA interference (RNAi) and complementary DNA (cDNA) products, this technology provides investigators with superior delivery capabilities for high-quality cellular screening.  The combination or our unique Tranz-vector system and whole genome RNAi & cDNA content enables our customers to perform drug target validation on a large scale.

With our genomics resources, Open Biosystems provides the content investigators utilize to unlock the functions of human genes and their relationships to normal & disease development.  We offer the most complete gene library in the industry.  This novel library consists of several full length cDNA and open reading frame collections.  Most prominently among these is the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC), the industry’s gold standard gene catalog.

The discovery of RNA interference has revolutionized the way investigators approach the studies of gene expression, regulation and interactions, particularly as it relates to drug development.  Our collaboration with Drs. Greg Hannon (CSHL) and Steve Elledge (Harvard) has led the way in the evolution of the short hairpin RNA (shRNA) technologies to provide the life science community with whole genome resources for human, mouse and rat with a multitude of technology and delivery advantages.

Maximize shRNA delivery

with Arrest-In transfection reagent

Dear Researcher,

Arrest-In™ transfection reagent from Open Biosystems is a polymeric transfection reagent and has been optimized to maximize delivery of shRNA.

Highlights include:

?         High transfection efficiencies in adherent and suspension cells

?         Minimal cytotoxicity.

?         Efficient transfection in the presence of serum

?         Superior functionality compared to leading transfection reagents

Also available as rhodamine-conjugated (Fluorescent) Arrest-In


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