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Laboratory Glass Bottles with Blue Caps
Fields of application:                               
                                                   Made of stand borosilicate, our glass bottles can facilitate our customers for storing, packaging, and transferring either solid or liquid lab reagents. With a good resistance to relatively high It has been proved to be used in many chemical, pharmaceutical and bioscience field. Bottles have enhanced graduations and marking spot are permanent white enamel. This general use bottle is provided with wide opening (approx. 30 mm ID) GL 45 screw thread and supplied with linerless autoclavable (140°C max) polypropylene blue cap.

l - Made of standard borosilicate.
l - Ceramic-glazed graduated scale and big lettering panel.
l - Good resistance to high temperature up to 500oC.
l - Good resistance to high pressure.
l - Leaking-proof screw cap design.
l - Wide-mouth opening/ and the available pouring ring (clear PP) make the pouring easier.
l - Low cost.
Cat. No Color Capacity Bottle Dimension Neck Diameter Case Pack Price  
mL (H x D) mm mm (pcs/case) (Euro/ case)  
SB00A Clear 100 105 x 56 45 80 306  
SB00B Clear 250 143 x 70 45 64 306  
SB00C Clear 500 181 x 86 45 48 306  
SB00C Clear 1000 230 x 90 45 24 244  


ShineTube™ Microtube
Description:                                                                                                         Constructed of transparent virgin polypropylene copolymer, our tubes are virtually unbreakable, and perfect for every process, storage and transport.  Screw cap with O-ring and various colors.   Autoclavable, polypropylene, conical, and sterilized.  Certified DNase, RNase-free.  The extraordinary strength, safety and reliability of our tube lets you perform procedures that simply can’t be done with other tubes.  Spin it, store it, transport it (even by air).  Boil it, irradiate it, immerse it in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen-it’ll stand up to the test! The ethylene propylene O-Ring forms a secure and leakproof seal.  
 Product Code Package Price (EXW) pic
(EUR/ bag)
SGT0209 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with natural cap, 500/bag 171 Bitmap
SGT0209-1 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with red cap, 500/bag 171
SGT0209-2 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with blue cap, 500/bag 171
SGT0209-3 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with green cap, 500/bag 171
SGT0209-4 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with orange cap, 500/bag 171
SGT0209-5 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with yellow cap, 500/bag 171
SGT0210 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with natural cap, 500/bag 176 Bitmap
SGT0210-1 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with red cap, 500/bag 176
SGT0210-2 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with blue cap, 500/bag 176
SGT0210-3 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with green cap, 500/bag 176
SGT0210-4 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with orange cap, 500/bag 176
SGT0210-5 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tube, with yellow cap, 500/bag 176


Real Time PCR Cycler Bitmap
    High Speed Centrifuge Bitmap
Price: 45650 €         Price: 1424 €      
Descriptin:         Descriptin:      
Specifications  Description               
Electrical Voltage: 100-240 VAC       Type  MiniStar Plus     
Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 1%       Power supply  100V-240V  50-60 Hz     
Power: 850 W        Power requirement  105W     
Dimensions (WxLxH)  54cm x 39cm x 33cm*        Max. rotational speed  13,400rpm     
Weight  25kg*        Relative centrifugal force (RCF)  12,100 x g     
            RMP/RCF setting as required  OK     
Operation  PC        Timer  15sec~99min     
Sample Capacity  0.2mlx96        Capacity  12 x 1.5ml/2.0ml     
        Acceleration time to max. speed  20s     
 single tube, 8-strip tube and 96-well plate        Braking time from max. speed  19s     
Thermal Cycling System           Dimensions in cm (W x D x H)  24 x 21.2 x 13.8     
Heating and/or cooling system  Peltier-based TE Module        Weight, include rotor  4.8 kg    
Heating Speed  3.0℃/s               
Cooling Speed  2.5℃/s               
Temperature Range  4-100℃               
Temperature display accuracy  0.1 ℃               
Uniformity of well to well  ±0.3°C               
Gradient Range  40-100°C               
Gradient: Temerature differential Range  1-25°C               
Multiple temperature zoom  6              
Uniformity of zoom temperature  ±0.4°C (> 6 wells  for every zoom )               
Optical System                  
Excitation Light Source:  Tungsten Halogen Lamp >3000 hours               
Wavelength of Excitation Light  4 filters provided, 480/520/580/610               
Wavelength of Emission Light  4 filters provided, 520/550/610/670               
Detector  Cooled CCD               
Software  Absolute Quantification :               
Relative Quantification:               
Multiple Quantification:               
Melting Curve Analysis               
∆∆ CT               
Allelic Analysis               
PCR Efficiency calculation and correction well by well               
SYBR Green I Correction               
Quality Management               
Export easily to Word and Excel file format               
Auto-baseline and auto-threshold for simplified data analysis               
Dye calibration by software              


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