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Catalog No. Product  Price
AL2 AlleleID 5.820 €
AD5 Array Designer 4.168 €
BD3 Beacon Designer 2.613 €
SV3 SimVector 766 €
EP3 Xpression Primer 669 €
PP3 Primer Premier 1.155 €
SG1 SimGlycan 7.764 €
TF1 TMA Foresight 2.224 €
P21 PrimerPlex 2.710 €


AlleleID:  Software for Pathogen detection, bacterial identification, species identification and taxa discrimination. Primer design across exon exon boundaries. Multiple sequence alignment using ClustalW. SYBR green, FRET probe, Molecular beacon.

DNA microarray probe design and highthroughput primer design software

TaqMan® probe, Scorpions®, FRET, molecular beacon, SYBR® Green primer design software for real time pcr and multiplex assays


Design capture probes for Direct Hybridization assays and multiplex primers for Allele Specific Primer Extension (ASPE) assays for Luminex 100, Luminex 200 and Bio-Plex 200 suspension array systems based on Luminex Corporation's xMAP technology.

Comprehensive PCR primer design software to design sequencing, hybridization, cross species, pathogen detection and allele specific primers

SimGlycan software predicts the theoritically possible fragments of a glycan and ranks them.

Plasmid map drawing software, map restriction sites, draw plasmid maps, an exceptional tool for restriction enzyme analysis and design cloning experiments for Gateway, TA and restriction cloning.

Statistical tool for tissue microarray data analysis to identify important prognostic markers and prognostically significant clusters of patients

Design primers for high throughput expression cloning systems. Tailormade for studies in structural and functional genomics.

AlleleID® 7.01
A comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of pathogen detection or taxa/species discrimination using TaqMan®, microarray and molecular beacon assays.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win / Mac) For: AlleleID for Windows Windows AlleleID for Mac Mac

Array Designer 4.25
A microarray software for fast, efficient design of specific oligos for making whole genome arrays, tiling arrays and resequencing arrays.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win) For: Array Designer for Windows Windows Array Designer for Linux Linux

Beacon Designer™ 7.51
Design successful SYBR® Green, TaqMan®, MethyLight TaqMan®, LNA™ spiked TaqMan®, molecular beacons for both standard and NASBA® assays, Scorpions® and FRET assays by automatically interpreting BLAST results and avoiding template structures.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win / Mac) For: Beacon Designer for Windows Windows Beacon Designer for Mac Mac

PrimerPlex 1.01
A unique tool developed for designing oligos for direct hybridization and Allele Specific Primer Extension (ASPE) assays for multiplex systems based on Luminex's xMAP® technology.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win / Mac) For: Primer Primer for Windows Windows Beacon Designer for Mac Mac

Primer Premier 5.00
Design high amplification efficiency primers for PCR, sequencing and hybridization. Design cross species and pathogen detection primers in highly conserved regions using integrated multiple sequence alignment.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win) For: Primer Primer for Windows Windows    
SimGlycan™ 2.60
SimGlycan™ is an innovative MS/MS data analysis tool. SimGlycan™ predicts the glycan structure, scores it and generates a list of probable glycans that closely match the given MS profile. Both glycopeptide and released glycan profiles are supported.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win) For: SimVector for Windows Windows    
SimVector 4.23
DNA analysis & Plasmid map drawing software to draw vector quality plasmid maps and generate publication quality vector graphics, perform restriction enzyme analysis. Design cloning experiments for Gateway® cloning, TA cloning and restriction cloning.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win / Mac) For: SimVector for Windows Windows SimVector for Mac Mac
TMA Foresight 3.01
TMA Foresight is a statistical tool for tissue microarray data analysis designed to explore the relatedness of prognostic marker expression and clinico-pathological variates with the outcome.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win) For: Xpression Primer for Windows Windows    
Xpression Primer 3.03
Design thousands of primers at a click of a button for high throughput expression cloning.
Detail Demo Tutorial (Win) For: Xpression Primer for Windows Windows Xpression Primer for Mac Mac



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